NeighborGoods is a safe community where you can save money and resources by sharing stuff with your friends. Need a ladder? Borrow it from your neighbor. Have a bike collecting dust in your closet? Lend it out and make a new friend.

Save Money! How much money do you waste on stuff you only use once or twice? How much stuff do you have hidden away in closets or storage that isn't being used? NeighborGoods is a social inventory that helps us all get more value out of the stuff we already own.

Save Resources! Did you know that Americans are spend $22 billion a year on self-storage? According to The Self Storage Association, there is over seven square feet of self-storage for every man, woman and child in America. That's a lot of unused stuff! NeighborGoods helps us get more use out of that stuff, which means less waste and less production of unnecessary items.

Strengthen Your Community! Not only does NeighborGoods provide a way to save money and resources - it also connects neighbors in meaningful ways making for happier, healthier neighborhoods.

Is it safe? NeighborGoods is a safe and friendly environment for sharing items. When you add an item to the NeighborGoods inventory, you choose how to share it with the community. For example, you can allow your friends to borrow the item for free and charge others a rental fee. Or you can decide to make the item only available to friends. It's your stuff, so you set the rules.

NeighborGoods helps facilitate transactions with a reservation calendar, automated reminders, wishlist alerts, and private messaging between neighbors. NeighborGoods keeps track of all your stuff.

Neighbors can rate each other and even flag another member's account if something goes wrong. Through transparency and peer ratings, NeighborGoods provides members with all the tools they need to share safely and confidently.

How much does it cost? Borrowing and lending items on NeighborGoods is free of charge. Members may charge a deposit or a rental fee for the use of their items but NeighborGoods does not charge transaction fees.

Members may choose to upgrade their account for $9.99. Upgrading provides members with access to more items and is optional.

Our mission NeighborGoods helps members to conserve resources and live more productive and connected lives.